Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Return to . . .

With Oxford’s Trinity Term just beginning, this seems a good time to announce what I have hinted at – God willing, I am finally returning to England and to Oxford this Autumn.

As in 2011, I will an independent student studying in 18th Century fashion if you will.  My focuses of study will likely be English Church History and Dante.  And this time, with a superior place to reside and armed with Vitamin D, I hope to last the entire Michaelmas Term.  And I will post of my experience here, of course.

I also have planned briefer stays in York, Cambridge and Windsor.

If you have suggestions for what I should see and do (especially inside information on Oxford opportunities.  As I once heard at Pusey House, “they don’t tell anyone what’s going on around here.”) or have anything else helpful or would just like to meet me then, feel free to comment on this or a subsequent post and leave a way to contact you if necessary.  I moderate all comments, so – don’t worry – I will not post anything of a private nature.  People have gotten in touch with me privately via the comments before.

I have chosen this time because it will be the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1.  So information on events and lectures remembering that would also be appreciated.  I will be staying in Oxford for Remembrance Sunday weekend.

And prayers would be appreciated as well.  The last time I had a trip to England planned, my knee prevented it.

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