Friday, June 04, 2010

The Shamelessness of Linda Sanchez RETRACTED


An observant reader has noticed that it was LORETTA Sanchez, sister of Linda Sanchez, who was elected with the help of illegal non-citizen votes back in 1996. So instead of a brilliant post pointing out how no one from the Sanchez political family is in a position to attack those concerned about how illegal immigration undermines the rule of law, I have to make an embarrassing retraction.

Linda Sanchez is still shameless, but I am not. I goofed. Mea culpa.

Just to let you all know what happened: When Linda Sanchez (D-CA) made her comment, I thought that maybe this is the same L. Sanchez (D-CA) who was illegally elected back in the day. When I looked online, I read “Linda” when it was clearly “Loretta.”

I’ve always wondered if I was slightly dyslectic.

And last week was a high stress time when I literally had trouble remembering my phone number. Maybe I should just take a break from blogging when life gets like that.

In any case, I goofed. And I apologize.

One would have to be quite shameless to pronounce Arizona’s immigration law the work of white supremacist groups, as Congresswoman Linda Sanchez (D-CA) has. But in her case, that is only part of the story.

Her first election to the House in 1996 was aided by the illegal votes of non-citizens. Moreover, illegal non-citizen votes may have been the decisive factor. She won by 984 votes. An investigation by the House found that 547 non-citizens voted. But that number is very conservative. Even the restrained Almanac of American Politics (1998) acknowledged that Sanchez’s election was questionable at least.

So for Ms. Sanchez to smear those concerned about illegal immigration when she is a living example of how the rule of law and our political system is subverted by willful illegal conduct by non-citizens . . . “shameless” is about the only adequate polite word that comes to mind.


Doc Hannon said...

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Steven in Falls Church said...

You're thinking of Linda Sanchez's older sister, Loretta, who was elected in 1996. Linda Sanchez was elected to Congress in 2002.

Mark said...

OOPS! Mea culpa!