Thursday, July 14, 2005

A sad day in Connecticut

I can’t let the events in Connecticut yesterday pass without comment. Here’s a good summary of what happened. And, of course, titusonenine has been following this closely.

I wonder if being incapable of shame is a necessary qualification to become bishop in some ECUSA dioceses. Bishop Smith deposed a priest, Fr. Mark Hansen and took over his parish on false pretenses. He crams a uberliberal priestess down that orthodox parish’s throat (which assures the orthodox will depart). Then he lies about the priest in a public statement even though he knows the priest’s family is having trying times with the needs of a son.

I don’t have a high opinion of liberal church authorities as you may have noticed. But still this amazes me. I’m at a loss to describe +Smith’s depravity with printable words.

It will be interesting to see what reaction there is to this in the Network and in the rest of the Anglican Communion. And, yes, there had better be a strong reaction. Mere tepid words will result in more orthodox walking.

My prayers are with Mark Hansen and his family. My readings this morning included I Peter 4:12-16. If Mark Hansen comes across this, I want him to know that God smiles upon him for willingly suffering for the Faith. He will be richly rewarded.

As for +Smith’s reward . . . let’s not go there.

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