Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Do You Hear Us Now, GOP Establishment? UPDATED

There should not be any doubt about the Republican base’s frustration with and now rejection of the Republican Establishment and of their enabling of Obama and of illegal immigration.  But in case there is, the latest Fox Poll on the Republican race for POTUS should dispel it:

Trump         25%
Carson         12%
Cruz             10%
Bush               9%

I need not rehash all of Trump’s enormities and reasons not to support him.  (And I am not supporting him.)  But his numbers continue to be a big hairy finger raised at the GOP Establishment, particularly on immigration.  Really, GOP failure to do what the base elected Republicans to do – twice, in 2010 and 2014 – namely S.T.O.P. OBAMA, is the chief reason for Trump’s success so far.  But moving along . . .

In second is another non-politician, Ben Carson (who I think would make an excellent Veep candidate, by the way).  In third is the Republican senator who has most vociferously opposed the Republican leadership, even saying on the Senate floor that Majority Leader McConnell lied, Ted Cruz.  Anti-establishment heartthrobs all.

And in fourth with less than 10%?  The establishment fave, Jeb Bush . . . with less than 10%.

Do you hear us now, establishment RINOs?


MORE: Maybe still the “GOP Establishment just doesn’t get it.”  But Elizabeth Price Foley does get it.  Like me, she is not a Trump supporter, but she understands well what is going on behind his support:

Oh, how the establishment loves to talk tough on immigration when it suits its purposes of ginning up conservatives on election day. But when a candidate comes along who actually wants to do something about the issue–and isn’t afraid to defy political correctness to do so–the GOP establishment suddenly cries foul, and brands him a fool, dictator, or police state zealot. The necessary implication is that the GOP establishment is all hat, no cattle on immigration.

No wonder increasing numbers of those who self-identify as Republican now openly abhor the party, and it totters on the brink of implosion.  But hey, I’m sure that’s all Donald Trump’s fault, right? Time for some GOP introspection.

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